About Weed-Fans

Weed-Fan, like every other marijuana dispensary, exists so as to ease the sale and distribution of weed both on and offline. Initially, we started off as a small farm and dispensary but have gradually grown as the years have gone by. Now, we can confidently boast of being affiliated with over 30 different farms both in and out of the USA. About Our aim is to bridge the difficulties faced by individuals who are in need of the medicinal benefits of marijuana but find it difficult to access these products. Today, considering how far the marijuana industry has come online, we felt the need to bring our business online thereby creating awareness for our brand and linking marijuana lovers with the best of what the industry has to offer. Medicinally, we exist as members of the National Cancer Institute of CBD & THC research, which works tirelessly to eliminate cancer through weed. We have been also recognized time and again by multiple medicinal marijuana organizations time and again for the quality and medicinal value of the cannabis products we market. heyGanja sets itself aside from the rest by stepping up the marijuana game in its medicinal ventures. We believe that marijuana is an herb, truly medicinal with millions of health solutions to our modern-day problems. Thus we work “hand in glove” with multiple trusted marijuana brands to produce and sell the best marijuana products that exist presently. We, therefore, encourage any marijuana enthusiast who will like to Partner with Us to Contact Us as we are open to partners

About Our Farms & Brands

We have several farms within and out of the USA. With us, you can buy weed online in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and even Africa hassle-free. We are a legit marijuana dispensary that ship both out of state and worldwide, and we pride ourselves in working with some of the best and most trusted farms in the USA. We are affiliated with renowned farms like the TLC collectives in LA, third-wave farms, and beam TLC farms. We are also affiliated with numerous farms in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and obviously Canada. Our clients can be served directly by us in the USA or by any of our farms for those in Europe. We constantly encourage competition by sponsoring multiple cannabis show events per annum that are advertised through our newsletter. Customers looking to enjoy our products and meet with our team firsthand could sign up and be updated from time to time about these events.