Marijuana moonrocks are known as the “champagne” in the marijuana world, and some call them caviar from cannabis. They’re composed of various cannabis-based products mixed into a potent bud and smoked.

They became famous when West Coast rapper Kurupt brought his attention to it and then registered his version made of moonstones.

In terms of their title, they appear like moon rocks. However, their capacity to make even the most experienced cannabis user into a heightened state could also be a factor in it.


A few cannabis users employ moon rock and cannabis caviar together, but the terms were initially used to describe two different items. Caviar from cannabis could refer to moonstones, or it could be referring to nugs dipped into cannabis oil. If you’re in the market in a dispensary for moonrocks, and you hear your budtender chatting about caviars, double-check and ensure you’re buying moon rocks covered in kief.

Moon rocks may be an extremely new cannabis product. There are a variety of moon rock varieties that are already available on the marketplace, such as non-THC hemp varieties that are high in CBD. Cannabis companies continued to create their moon rock products using various cultivars and concentrated. Certain pre-rolls available recreate the moon-rock experience by pouring concentrate on the pre-rolled product and then rolling it into the form of kief. These products let you smoke moon rocks, but not with a sticky mess.

How Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are a kind of flowers covered or dipped in an extract, such as shatter or hash oil, then covered in kief, a powder composed of trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids that fell from the flower.

Why Does The Moon Glow?

Moon rocks are commonly utilized as a kind of “stoner hack.” They’ll often have around 50% THC, and selling for approximately $30 for grams, these coated stones are all about value for your money. If you want to be very high but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars it’d cost to purchase the flower, concentrate and kief on their own and then up to the moon; you’re in.

If cannabis consumption were the equivalent of a three-course meal, then micro doses would serve as an appetizer, a fire-pre-roll could be an entree moon rocks are a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae that you get on your way back from the restaurant. It’s Not the most acceptable product; however, it does the job and is well.

In addition to wanting the most extraordinary high, moon rocks can also be used in the medical world. Since the law has placed the milligram limit on various cannabis products, for instance, the 10 milligrams/ serving limit for edibles, people who require massive dosages of THC to combat their ailments will turn to moon rocks to ease their pain.


  • They’re your one-stop-shop for getting as high as is humanly feasible.
  • Cost-effective and easy to purchase: buying three ingredients separately will cost far more than buying a single kilogram of moon rocks.
  • Ideal for patients with medical conditions who require a high THC dose.
  • Always a great party flavour or conversation starter.


  • They will get the highest level possible. However, as I’ve seen doesn’t always work out excellent.
  • Glass is only used to use moonstones for smoking. Please don’t put them in the form of a joint or sharp, and never put them in grinders. This will create a huge mess. Put a small portion on a vase or a tiny piece as a stand-alone bowl.
  • Moon rocks should not get too hot by putting them in the sunlight or even your vehicle on a hot day. If they are too hot, they may turn into an icy, gummy, slippery, mushy nightmare, never to return to their original splendour on the planet.

What are the consequences?

Moon rocks are mighty. People who have indulged in moon rocks describe huge aromatic, full smoke clouds and a smoky and delicious flavour of”kief.

THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis and is most responsible for generating”high. “high.” Since moon rocks contain significantly more THC, the effects are more intense than regular cannabis products.

The degree of effects will depend on several aspects, including the strain employed and your tolerance. A person who isn’t experienced with high THC cannabis will likely experience more potent effects, and consuming large quantities can also increase the severity and intensity.

Here are a few moon’s effects that are common:

  • dizziness
  • an increase in heart rate
  • anxiety
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • dry mouth


  • Dank
  • Hash
  • Nutty
  • Sweet


  • Dank
  • Hash
  • Mellow
  • Nutty


Moon rocks from Marijuana are highly effective, even for an experienced cannabis user. It is best to take your time, particularly if you’re not familiar with the cannabis industry in general.

If you’re in a country with legalized cannabis, you can visit an establishment and speak to an experienced staff member. They’ll be able to tell you more about the moonstones they carry, and how durable they are.

March 31, 2022 weedfans

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