Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds review

About Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk Automatic delivers all the benefits of Super Skunk in a format that’s very easy to cultivate for growers of any experience level. It can be grown almost anywhere, from sunny windowsills to gardens in cold wet climates with short summers. Super Skunk is famous for its award-winning combination of happy high and powerful stress relief; this autoflowering variation makes these benefits available to more gardeners than ever before.

Growth pattern of Super Skunk Automatic 

Super Skunk Automatic is compact, with relatively few branches. It’s strong and sturdy, and produces colas with big, sticky calyxes. Visually, it closely resembles other indicas, with a typically ‘Christmas tree’ form.

This cannabis strain is 80% indica. Its buds are dense and lime green. Much of the flower growth occurs on the central cola. Techniques like fimming or topping aren’t suitable in this instance, as autoflowering strains don’t have a long enough vegetation cycle to allow the methods to take effect.

Super Skunk Automatic is a great choice for gardeners who want a skunk that can thrive in cold, damp climates with short summers. The combined genetics of Super Skunk and a premium Ruderalis results in robust plants with a short flowering time of around seven weeks. The plants will automatically begin blooming around six weeks after germination.

The plants are slightly smaller than other similar strains, which means yields can be lighter. However, they are ‘harvest ready’ more quickly than other plants, which can be an advantage.

Some growers maximise Super Skunk Auto’s potential by planting the seedlings in large pots, as soon as they grow their first set of true leaves. This approach is unusual for cannabis in general, but is recommended for autoflowering strains as they can catch growers by surprise with how swiftly they start flowering. Having a large space for root growth right from the start means that the plants can vegetate and flower without any further disturbance.

Effect, taste, and smell of Super Skunk Automatic by White Label

The scent of Super Skunk Automatic is usually mild during the vegetation stage. Once flowering is well established, the smell intensifies. It becomes more skunky and sweet, with strong, earthy base-notes. After harvesting and curing the buds, you’ll notice that they have a similarly pungent aroma.

When consumed, people often notice top-notes of lemon and grapefruit, which nicely complement the spicy earthiness.

Super Skunk Automatic offers a pleasant sense of relaxation when consumed. This is due to its indica parentage. The 20% sativa content ensures a cheerful accompanying high. It’s not an intense effect (especially when cultivated outdoors), which makes it a good choice for casual users, or those who have a low tolerance to cannabis. More practiced users are likely to enjoy this strain as a daytime choice.

Did you know?

  • Super Skunk has won numerous awards since its launch in 1990
  • White Label also provides Super Skunk Regular and Super Skunk Feminized
  • As you might expect, there are even cartoons and drawings of Super Skunk – a skunk in a superhero costume, often pictured with cannabis leaves
December 14, 2022 weedfans

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