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Supreme Dream Strain | Impacts

Supreme Dream Strain would appear to be a Santa Cruz, California-Bred, significantly potent (THC levels said to reach as high as 24%). And not-ideal-for-newer-consumers, euphoric, energizing, lucid and highly-innovative, sweet, woody and blueberry. Almost 50/50, Indica-Sativa, evening hybrid (new-and-decidedly-improved) version of the iconic Blue Dream strain.

Do you feel awake or in a dream? Supreme Dream is a delightful Sativa dominant popular for its blissful high, upbeat, and euphoric high. The Supreme Dream strain was crossed with two famous strains: Blueberry as well as Blue Dream. The enormous chunks of nugs are green mint leaves and long hairs of tiger orange and frosty white trichomes. 

When crushed, the nugs transform into fine, excellent kief powder perfect for burning! Some of the most notable terpenes present in the strain include myrcene caryophyllene. And pinene giving this strain a sweet floral, citrusy, mild pine scent and taste. Supreme Dream will transport you to a place filled with inspiration, enthusiasm, and concentration. A critical thing that cannabis customers learn is the distinction of Indica as well as Sativa. 

It is what makes the stimulating Sativa so distinct from its couch-locked brethren. Sativa’s modern hybrids are Amnesia Haze. Which offers a highly potent Sativa high, and Girl Scout Cookies. Which originated on the west coast of California as a hybrid between Indica OG Kush. And the Sativa strain Durban Poison.

Sativa Impacts | Supreme Dream Strain

One of the first things that new cannabis users will notice is that. All cannabis can be divided into two distinct categories. (although there’s another category that includes hybrid strains such as Fruity Pebbles Weed). The two groups include Indica (e.g., Bubble Kush) and Sativa (e.g., Alaskan Thunderfuck). Both are part of the same plant species. However, the scientific name used to describe each of them can be confusing. For example, it can be Cannabis Sativa L (the “L” is for Carl Linnaeus. The Swedish botanist in charge of giving cannabis its name Sativa).

Although current research indicates that the distinction between the cannabis strains is not as straightforward as Indica. And Sativa, many people recognize their cannabis in these terms. Sativa strains, including the Haze family of strains, are generally more stimulating and accomplishment-oriented than Indica. 

These tall, gangly, equatorial strains can grow to an altitude of 25 feet. And be created in hot climates such as Thailand and South Africa, Colombia, and Mexico. The Sativa leaves are typically thin and are reminiscent of the famous pot leaf that we’ve all encountered. The plants are suitable for working on tasks, socializing. And other creative activities like making art with a visual style, writing, playing music.

Are you looking for our suggestion for the top Sativa flower? Check out our limited-edition Sour G flower. These unique Sativa CBG buds descendants two timeless classics: Sour Diesel and OG. It is a blend of the classic positive effects of Sativa along with the body. And mind’s calming effects of CBG. The perfect strain to enjoy with your morning coffee won’t make you drowsy or high. But instead, it will give you euphoria and focus that will assist you in navigating your day.

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