Purple Drank Strain Beginner Guide

Purple Drank Cookies strain is a new Cookies variety released to the market several months ago. The idea has grown well-known and is loved by many. Purple Drank cookies strain is part of the Cookies group. The plant is a slight Indica dominant strain (70 35% Indica, 30% Sativa). The term implies that you are […]

December 7, 2021 weedfans

Supreme Dream Strain | Impacts

Supreme Dream Strain would appear to be a Santa Cruz, California-Bred, significantly potent (THC levels said to reach as high as 24%). And not-ideal-for-newer-consumers, euphoric, energizing, lucid and highly-innovative, sweet, woody and blueberry. Almost 50/50, Indica-Sativa, evening hybrid (new-and-decidedly-improved) version of the iconic Blue Dream strain. Do you feel awake or in a dream? Supreme […]

November 19, 2021 weedfans

Supreme Dream Strain

Are you awake, or are you dreaming? Supreme Dream Strain is a delightful, dominant Sativa known for its happy, uplifting, and euphoric high. Blueberry and Blue Dream were used to breed this strain. These big, dense nugs contain long, tiger-orange hairs and frosty white trichomes. The nugs are a fine, crumbly, perfect-burning powder when they’re broken down. This strain has […]

November 16, 2021 weedfans