Understanding Good Weed Vs. Bad Weed:

First, let us cover our foundations and discuss the usual terms used when searching for great marijuana. “Flower” identifies the dried and treated female cannabis plant blossoms, often referred to as “nugs” or “buds” Flower is generally intoxicating THC content is the main index of euphoric effectiveness. Still, some blossom has high CBD content and can create less intoxicating results.

Identifying high-quality blossom can throw even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs for a loop. Still, the crucial traits that separate great marijuana from poor weed are odor, look, texture, and flower construction. In this guide, we will break down each of four and provide strategies for spotting the fantastic materials and avoiding the poor. Smoking marijuana is generally quite a joy. 

Some seasoned stoners may already know about it, but everybody must understand this so they don’t wind up becoming a ‘bad trip’ or squander their money on something which could be awful for them.

What is ‘Bad Weed’ and Why is it Bad?

Bad marijuana is the sort of weed in which you do not feel relaxed or energetic but start to sense many unwanted effects and, notably, some degrees of anxiety or anxiety that differ from person to person. A few folks could feel outright panic along with a racing pulse together with an extremely dry mouth, while some would sweat and cough too much and feel pulses. However, neither of them are things you normally associate with marijuana. 

Bad marijuana can be just excellent bad bud that hasn’t been developed with caution. If a grower develops their weed and doesn’t flush it until crop, it might lead to the excess nutrient residue, which would result in the bud getting bad to smoke and taste. Then there are different motives like marijuana corrosion, absence of suitable nourishment, burnt buds due to excess heating and light, etc., which may also bring about the bud to have bad consequences upon smoking.

There may also be a possibility that things have gone wrong when treating and maintaining marijuana. That’s the reason why it isn’t providing you with a fantastic effect. Along with this, there could be too much use of fertilizers or pesticides that have been of terrible quality or utilized in surplus, resulting in the weed heading bad.   

How to Tell The Difference Between Good Weed vs. Bad Weed?

The distinction between great marijuana and poor weed is quite evident when you smoke it. But there is a range of different ways that you’ll be able to know whether your marijuana is very good quality or poor quality before you smoke. Following is a peek at some elements that you may wish to think about before purchasing your marijuana that will enable you to create a better choice.

Color and Texture of the Weed:

The color of your marijuana is just one of the initial and crucial indicators in determining the distinction between positive and negative bud. But when you compare this with awful weed, it’s normally light green and may even be yellow. It appears quite dry only the visual signal is sufficient to inform you there’s something wrong with it. This is the worst form of marijuana since it’s totally dry and may even be burnt. 

Great excellent bud is generally rather ‘new looking’ and generally has an extremely tacky texture and texture. This is among the greatest signs of freshness. It is sticky. But should you see a weed that’s completely dry and contains a lot of cracks on its surface, it’s most likely lousy excellent stuff. The color and the feel of your marijuana matter a good deal, and giving them a more comprehensive look would make sure you’re getting very good excellent bud!

Trichomes, Hair, and Leaves:

These three are a few more variables that can help you know if you’re receiving very good excellent marijuana or poor excellent weed. You have to assess your marijuana to having trichomes. The more the number of trichome crystals, the more, the better quality your marijuana would be. Having more trichomes may also signify that the marijuana is tackier, and as we’ve mentioned previously, that is an excellent sign. Trichomes and crystals are significant because a vast majority of your bud’s THC residue is the chemical that provides you the true top of the smoking bud.

Smoking great excellent bud makes you high. Smoking poor excellent budgets you nervous or sleepy. Hair and Leaves would be another thing which you ought to be observing on your weed.

Smoking Experience:

This is something that you can only understand after you have purchased your weed. But, very good excellent bud will always offer you an impact of a ‘high.’ You will feel euphoric and will get a mind-high at which your creative procedures will kickstart, or you’d feel a body-high at which you would feel floating and light and relaxed.

If you are feeling not one of both but only this bizarre psychotic sense of is the real or is that maybe not, or the feelings of derealization and depersonalization — a sense of dry mouth so intense you start to feel as though your tongue has been hauled within your mouth, you are likely smoking bad weed. Additionally, it provides you chills, chills, and a general bad feeling, and an impending sense of doom. 

Can even very good marijuana have side effects?

Yes, good marijuana may have specific side effects like getting your eyes, giving you an altered sense of truth, and marginally boosting your pulse when lowering your blood pressure. These are some rather common side effects and are not something which you ought to worry about.

What happens to you once you smoke poor weed?

Smoking bad marijuana contributes to paranoia, confusion and triggers an impending sense of despair where you are unsure of what is happening around you. Occasionally awful weed does not offer you a ‘large’ and only puts you to sleep or leaves you quite tired. Intense heights of sweat and dry mouth also occur when you smoke poor marijuana.


Never underestimate the possible effect that crap bud has on your wellbeing. Smoking low-grade marijuana could be harsh in your throat and won’t be better for you than utilizing a couple of tobacco smokes. In addition, don’t neglect to look at your marijuana for signs of mold or rot. Moldy weed will seem like what you find on dead bread, cheese, etc.

Whenever possible, attempt to buy your bud from a reputable source, like a certified dispensary. If there are no near you, you will need to take your opportunities with a local trader — that in most cases is prohibited.  


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