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How to Easily Clean Dag Rigs Online You Buy

You may buy dab rigs online if you are someone who loves dabbing. Further, you may already know the importance of cleaning your rigs for dabbing. Besides, cleaning a dab rig should matter to beginner and experienced dabbers equally. Otherwise, you cannot expect to enjoy the best flavour of your cannabis concentrates. Dabbing can prove harmful, too, if you do not clean your rig prior to using it. Cleaning dab rigs ensure you harmful bacteria and mould won’t build up in your rig. In other words, it will allow you to enjoy dabbing without any health issues.

However, you may not know the easy way to clean a dab rig. You should not perturb if you do not know it, as we are going to tell you about it. Before we do, we shall like you to know how often you should clean your dab rig.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Dab Rig?

Firstly, you should know that there are multiple ways to clean a dab rig. At the same time, you should know that you need to regularly change the water in your rig. Cannabis users who change the water after every use stick to the best practice. Further, we recommend you wait no longer than two or three days to change the water.

Additionally, it is important that you clean your rig regularly, even if you maintain clean water in the rig. Further, cleaning the dab rig is contingent on how often you use your rig. You may not need to clean your dab rig if it does not seem dirty to you when you see it. In addition, you should better clean your dab rig as soon as you see resin building up in your rig. Besides, heavy dab users prefer cleaning their rigs every week, whereas lighter users wait months to clean their rigs.

How to Easily Clean a Dab Rig   

There are various methods you can use to clean a dab rig. In any case, we are going to tell you the safest and the most popular method to clean it. The most popular method that dabbers stick to entails the use of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Further, you will need to isolate your banger from the rig before proceeding with cleaning your rig. 

Additionally, you will need to put your rig inside a resealable bag before you continue with the cleaning. You will need to clean your dab rig separately alongside your banger if your rig has a downstem. Here are the steps you must follow to easily clean dab rigs online you buy from a smoke shop with isopropyl alcohol and salt:

Step 1: Put a sufficient amount of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol in your rig. Make sure you leave enough space for salt and leave some empty space, too. 

Moreover, it is optional that you leave your rig in isopropyl alcohol for an hour. It will aid in getting rid of any oil build-up in your rig and loosening it prior to cleaning.

Step 2: Put salt inside your rig, and keep in mind that the amount of salt you put in is not important. Still, you should put a few big spoons of salt inside the dab rig. Besides, bath salts or thicker salts work best for cleaning the rig. However, any salt will do the trick for you.

Step 3: It is best that you put your dab rig in a resealable bag and shake it. If you do not have a bag, you may place your hands over both holes of the rig and shake it. You can also a duct tape if putting your hands on the rig does not seem a convenient option to you. Make sure you hold your rig tight. Please remember, the salt, alcohol, and friction work together to get rid of the residue from the inside of the rig.

Step 4: When you see the walls inside of your dab rigs are clean and residue-free, drain alcohol and rinse with warm water. You should rinse multiple times till you can no longer smell the alcohol or salt. 

In addition to this popular method, there is another convenient method to clean a dab rig. However, that method will work when your dab rig is not much dirty. You can torch the areas where you see the oil residue build up to burn it away. Once you are done with cleaning the rig, it means your dab rig is safe to use now for dabbing.


If you dab, you may already know the importance of cleaning a dab rig. Besides, you can safely and enjoy dabbing with the best experience if your dab rig is clean. Therefore, it is important that you clean dab rigs online you buy after every use. In addition, the most popular way to clean your dab rig entails the use of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Lastly, you can follow the steps we have mentioned in this post to easily clean your rig with isopropyl alcohol and salt.

January 4, 2023 weedfans

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