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Different Tools You Have to Enjoy Dabbing with a Dab Rig

Pragmatically, it is impossible to dab without a dab tool. If you do not use the right tool to dab with your dab rig, things will become a mess. Most importantly, you will get sticky fingers; further, you will waste your concentrate. In any case, there are different types of dab tools that you can buy and deploy for dabbing. Please note that one type of dab tool may not work for the other type of concentrate. Moreover, we are going to tell you about different tools in this post that you can utilize for dabbing.

Tools That You May Utilize for Dabbing

The following are dab tools that you can deploy for dabbing marijuana concentrates:


Scoop is a dab tool that can pick even the toughest cannabis concentrates. It works simply for grabbing a pinch of dry marijuana. Moreover, scoops look identical to how they sound, as they have a scooped end for picking up concentrates. Scoops work identical to miniature spoons. Additionally, scoops are small enough to reach inside the crevices of concentrate containers. You can scrape every last bit of cannabis concentrate with a scoop.

Put differently, scoops ensure cannabis enthusiasts that nothing goes to waste. In addition, the shape of this dab tool allows cannabis enthusiasts to easily dump their concentrates into rigs. First and foremost, it will make you worry-free about your dab sticking to the tool or dropping it off.


Generally, concentrates that you buy come in handy silicone containers. For the same reason, containers that concentrates come in are ideal for storing any type of marijuana concentrate. Moreover, caps are another good tool that you can deploy for dabbing. You can scoop out your concentrate or dab with the aid of your dab tool. Then, you can allow your dab to sit on a silicone carb cap while the dab rig heats up. Once you take your THC concentrate, you can utilize the cap as a carb cap.

Additionally, you do not require a titanium cover or borosilicate glass to cover your banger for dabbing. You only need a bendable cap to do the job for you. Furthermore, if you are an eager concentrate lover, you won’t have any problem finding the caps around your house.  

Glass Dab Tool: 

Glass dab tools are perhaps the best dab tools that you deploy for dabbing with your dab rig. Besides, each glass dab tool is beautifully-made, and you can find glass dab tools in different styles & colours. Glass dab tools are pretty and incredibly functional, at the same time, for different types of cannabis concentrates. These dab tools can help you easily pick viscous or compact cannabis concentrates for dabbing. What’s more?

Glass dab tools can ideally serve as a carb cap when their other ends are large enough. When they can serve as a dab tool and carb cap simultaneously, you won’t also need to worry about finding new dab tools in the middle of dabbing. Still, you should carefully handle glass dab tools. It is because these dab tools are somewhat more delicate than other dab tools. Thus, it is important that you handle glass dab tools with caution. 


Blades are dab tools that you may get your hands on if you want a robust tool for dabbing. Besides, blades or paddles have a slight scoop and a sharp edge to pick up every bit of cannabis concentrate. Blades can pick stubborn, sticky, or tough concentrates easily. For the same reason, blades are tools worth investing in for dabbers. Blades are for you when you seek a dab tool, which is neither entirely a scoop nor completely straight. Blades are convenient to use, and they are not super delicate, too. Put differently, blades are ideal for handling all types of cannabis concentrates.

The Key to Using Your Dab Tools Is Patience

It does not matter which dab tool you choose for dabbing, it is important that you patiently handle your concentrates. It is because the tougher you act, the tougher it will become for you to handle your concentrates. Therefore, it is important that you take your time and gently collect your dabs with dab tools. Further, we mentioned already that every dab tool may not work for every marijuana concentrate. Therefore, it is important that you choose your dab tool wisely and accordingly for dabbing. 


Practically, it is impossible to dab without dab tools. You won’t get sticky fingers and also avoid wasting your concentrates when you choose the right dab tools. However, every dab tool may not work for all types of marijuana concentrates. Therefore, it is important that you choose your dab tool wisely for dabbing and patiently engage in dabbing. To finish, the following are dab tools that you may consider investing in to enjoy dabbing with your dab rig:

  1. Scoop
  2. Cap
  3. Glass Dab Tool
  4. Blade
January 4, 2023 weedfans

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