Sour Diesel Seeds Autoflowering Review

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are the upgraded version of an East Coast legend. The famous lovechild of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk barely needs an introduction.
This hybrid has a clean, easy-to-grow profile and is high in THC levels. With its robust, zesty, and earthy flavor combination, it’s an excellent choice for those who want a bit of everything.
If you’re an amateur grower, or you’d like multiple harvests per season, you’ve come to the right place. Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are perfect for master gardeners with limited space.
These autoflower seeds grow into a sativa-heavy herb, also known as Sour D. Even the weariest smokers eventually come back for another puff of this potent pot. As for growing it — great genetics, elating effects, and nifty nugs await.

What are Sour Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds?

Imagine your favorite easy-to-grow marijuana seeds flowering without a change in the light cycle. That’s what autoflowering cannabis seeds do. This magic results from crossing two popular strains with a ruderalis phenotype—bringing the best of both worlds.
You can trace Sour D’s origins back to the 1990s. The cannabis community believes that this old-fashioned strain was bred by a chap named Asshole Joe, or AJ for short — even though it’s apocryphal.
Fast-track to the present, this legendary strain has parented strains like Sour Tsunami and Sour Bubba. Homegrown Cannabis Co. took it one step further by removing the male chromosomes — leaving you with Sour Diesel feminized auto seeds.
This process guarantees female-only plants and marijuana seeds that grow faster than your average photoperiod type. Best of all, you can easily plan around these cultivars as they automatically flower after around ten weeks.
Sour Diesel Auto has a long and elongated bud structure. The calyx is angled outwards towards a silver blanket of trichomes. Its dense and hardy nugs have medium-sized internodal spacing — making it an excellent choice for those with limited space.
This strain has a cerebral wave that will keep you focused and creative. It’s a great choice to enjoy in public or for working on a project.

What effects can you expect from Sour Diesel autoflower weed?

“Sour Diesel is one of my favorites to smoke because it gives me good motivation, gives me energy.” Def Jam rapper, Redman
Smoking Sour Diesel auto weed induces an energizing high that can last for hours. The high starts with a heady, cerebral rush and a jolt of energy — don’t be surprised if your chatty self shows up. This strain brings none of the couch-lock that comes with indicas.
Sour D isn’t usually recommended for newbies because of its high THC content — it packs a serious punch that might catch low tolerance users off-guard. If you decide to take it for a spin regardless, remember to take it low and slow.
The nugs from these cannabis seeds help you concentrate on your work and are a great motivator. If you’re in a creative field, you’re in luck as it brings about bursts of inventive energy. Many artists make use of Sour Deez when in the studio or in need of inspiration.
The indica presence in this cultivar won’t cause drowsiness, but it helps maintain the energy levels for a while. However, be aware that you might crash as the high lasts for a while.
Sour Diesel auto’s high is not for the faint-hearted—don’t be surprised if the smoke gets you coughing. Buds grown from the Sour Diesel autoflower seeds can have an aphrodisiac effect, enhancing intimate moments for users.

What does Sour Diesel autoflower weed smell like?

Sour Diesel autoflower buds have a pleasant, sweet, and slightly sour taste. Its dominant note is kerosene with some added sour fruit tones. The clear, cerebral high that accompanies the fuel-like aroma hits some seriously high notes. On inhalation, you’ll notice a skunky sour taste that blends with a lingering mix of ammonia and gasoline upon exhalation.
These Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow into impressive plants with a sharp petroleum scent. Grinding the nugs only intensifies the pervasive smell. You might also be surprised by the subtle, pleasant citrus and exotic wood aromas mixed in with the bitter, herbal notes.
If you’re looking to stay discreet when smoking and growing, even the best Sour Diesel auto seeds won’t do the trick. The scent is too strong.
December 14, 2022 weedfans

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