Skywalker OG feminized cannabis seeds

Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is loved for its sedative qualities—feeling stressed or tense, some Skywalker OG might help. As an indica-dominant cultivar, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized produces a heavy stone and clears your mind.

With genetics from two legendary parents, Skywalker and OG Kush, Kyle’s Skywalker OG is capable of growing quite tall and producing large yields. By choosing feminized eeds, there’s a decreased probability of finding male plants in your grow room.

Finally, a plant to bring balance to the force—Kyle’s Skywalker OG Kush feminized.

What is Skywalker OG feminized cannabis seeds?

This cultivar is an unmissable combination of the powerful Skywalker with another classic, OG Kush. Kyle’s Skywalker OG wastes no time in hitting you with force. With an 85% indica, and 15% sativa makeup, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized sends your head into the clouds. Just know that you’ll be ready for bed when you come back down.

This marijuana can leave even the most qualified fighting to keep their eyes open, ensuring that you won’t go anywhere fast. With a 20% THC content, this cultivar deserves to be treated with respect and approached with caution.

Its citrus fragrance and jet-fuel aromas start your engines and help you reach a galaxy far, far away. Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds are rewarding to grow, with plants reaching 3–5 feet tall. At its full potential, your crop offers decent yields of relaxing bud to enjoy with your friends. When grown outside, the flowering time is in October, lasting 8–10 weeks.

What are Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized effects?

Growing Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds give you weed that produces a solid and sleepy stone. The force is so strong with this one that even cannabis connoisseurs should brace themselves for being couch-locked.

Along with the deep relaxation, Kyle’s Skywalker Kush OG delivers a crazy case of the munchies, so have your snacks within reach. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized works as a lullaby and is known to put users out like a light.

Adverse effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes are almost inevitable for Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized users and can be felt even at low doses. Savor in moderation, as users have described heightened anxiety and paranoia resulting from the increased cerebral activity.

Our best advice before you light up Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is “Don’t get cocky, kid”. This cannabis provides a potent experience, so handle this blissful cultivar with care.

What does Kyle’s Skywalker OG smell like?

You don’t need to be a Jedi to enjoy the rich aromas this cultivar has to offer. Growers say the smell of Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is very distinct. The crystal-covered flowers release a lemon-tinted fragrance with a hint of something combustible.

Thanks to OG Kush, you have the citrus and diesel smell and the blueberry field aroma from Skywalker completes the bouquet. Imagine a mix of fruit with a sharp blend of Kush and diesel, and you probably have a good idea what she smells like. Only a nerf-herder couldn’t love the tantalizing scents of Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized.

How to germinate Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds

To be sure your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds germinate, follow our simple germination guide.

– To avoid any incidents, keep the stuff you need close to hand for this process: some bottled or purified water, a standard pair of tweezers, some regular kitchen paper, seeds, and a dinner plate.

– Get those two pieces of kitchen paper nice and wet, and wring any extra water. For this to work best, we want the paper to stay a bit moist but not saturated.

– One of the sheets of now wet kitchen paper needs setting down on your dinner plate.

– Leaving about an inch between each one, drop your seeds onto the kitchen paper.

– Cover the first sheet with the seeds on top using the other sheet. During this time, the paper may have dried out. It’s okay to add extra water but remember not to soak it.

– Dry any surplus water from the plate by first lifting the towels.

– Find a cupboard or drawer where you can retire the plate and seeds. Otherwise somewhere not too cold and shielded from light is ideal.

– You can check on your seeds, making sure that the towels never dehydrate. The seeds require between one and five days to germinate.

The sign to know they’re ready is when you see taproots sprouting out. Once the taproot is healthy, it’s time to plant. Be sure to follow our germination guide; you don’t want to void your Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee.

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